Whoever you are, whatever you've done, wherever you've been, you're welcome here.

At RCC, you'll be welcomed into a friendly, casual environment by people who are excited to see you. Here is what you can expect on a Sunday morning:

We’re Casual

Don’t worry about a dress code. You'll fit in whether you're in jeans or in the traditional "Sunday best." We don't care what you wear. Just come.

We Love Your Kids

Here at RCC we believe children are a blessing and make it our mission to provide a fun, safe, engaging, and bible-centered environment for your children. Our Children’s Ministry is here to help support you in raising up your kids from infancy through elementary school age. We have an amazing volunteer staff who have hearts for your children and their spiritual growth and overall wellbeing. These adults are first required to undergo an extensive background check, followed by the training that we provide before becoming involved in Children’s Ministry. We look forward to coming along side of you as parents and guardians to care for and help grow your children.

We Have Engaging Worship

When you attend on Sunday you can expect an emphasis on worshipping as a congregation through music and singing. RCC currently has two house bands made up of members that switch off weekends. Both bands play both modern worship music and traditional hymns from generations past. All of our worship team members are devoted to help you engage with Jesus through their music. In addition to enjoying our bands at our worship service, you may also catch some of our musicians playing around the DC Metro area!

We Have Relevant Teaching

At RCC we are passionate about the Bible as the inerrant word of God that is never changing and always living. We believe that the scriptures are as relevant today as they were when written. As a congregation we work through books of the bible corporately, connecting scripture with current practical issues and daily life.