Engaging in service leads to life change. Wherever you are in life, God calls us to serve one another.

Your involvement in serving at RCC matters because your service makes a difference. The opportunities listed below describe many of the service opportunities where we need your help. Please use the form at the bottom of this page if you would like us to contact you with more information about a particular opportunity.

Setup and Teardown Team

We get there early and make church happen each week. RCC meets in a school cafeteria that must be converted into a church every Sunday morning and then switched back when we are finished. It is a big job that takes a lot of work and is one of the quickest and easiest ways to get involved and to get to know people. We are always taking volunteers.

Sound/Media Team

Sound, lighting, video….this is the team. We are responsible for setting up and operating the church's audio and video equipment. We mix the worship band every Sunday to the set they have arranged and keep the media production in sync with the service. Background in audio production is helpful but definitely not necessary.

Hospitality Team

Connection Cards, coffee, and communion are all a part of what it means to serve on the hospitality team. This is the team of smiling folks that greet you on Sunday morning and help first time visitors find their way around. We set up the coffee station, prepare the communion each week, and collect the connection cards from guests. We also help to facilitate spiritual and biblical connection with Christ and His church by serving and loving our family, friends, and community. We’re always looking for warm, outgoing, helpful-types to join our team!

Worship Team

RCC is blessed to have a deep bench of talented musicians that lead us in musical worship each week.  Our musicians are divided up into separate bands who rotate leading from week to week. We are always looking to grow and multiply our bands. If you are interested in an audition to serve with the worship team simply leave us your information below and we'll get back with you!  

Events Team

We are devoted to being a present and engaged body in our community. Our Events Team volunteers work hard to organize events and partner with other organizations to provide regularly scheduled outreach that serve our community and help bring people to the Lord in practical and fun ways.

Safety Team

We are a team of individuals who seek to embody the gospel by exuding warmth and welcome while helping people find the appropriate space to be during our services. We work to ensure the church provides the safest possible environment for children and adults attending and serving during the weekly worship service at RCC. 

Children’s Ministry Teams

We provide a safe and nurturing environment for babies through 5th graders so that parents are free to fully participate in the church service, while their children learn about the love of God. This ministry offers a variety of volunteer opportunities, including infant care, teacher assistants, and lead teachers. If you would like to get involved in shaping young lives for Christ, we would love to hear from you! Please fill out the form below and someone will reply with specifics about opportunities that are currently available.

For more information about getting connected with a Ministry Team at RCC CLICK HERE.